Unlock Bootloader on Android Devices / Phone

Unlock Bootloader on Android Devices / Phone - December 8, 2022

The bootloader is the section of the operating system that contains either the component or the code that is run before the start of any android device.

If your device has a locked bootloader, you will not be able to make any changes to that bootloader, and as a result, you will only be able to use (boot) the operating system that was pre-installed on the device when you purchased it. After you have unlocked the bootloader on your smartphone, you will be able to use your phone with different versions of operating systems after you have installed them.

Require Files:

  • Download platform tool: ADB fastboot driver:

unlocking steps:

Install the platform tools and the device drivers as follows:

if you are using Windows as your operating system. You may get this USB driver and install it on your computer by downloading it here.

Download and unpack the most recent version of the Platform utility on your machine.

Prepare the device by enabling USB debugging and OEM to unlock from the developer’s option on your device. Option for that To enable the ‘developers option,’ under About Phone, repeatedly tap the “Build number” option. This will take you to the section where you can use the ‘developers option’.

Establish a connection to Fastboot:

turn off the phone, then hit the volume down button and the power button simultaneously.

Connect your phone to your computer by means of a USB cord as soon as you see the fastboot logo.

Open the command window located in the Platform tool folder, and verify that the device is connected by sending the code below.

fastboot devices

Execute unlock command:

  • if you are running on an older Android phone run
fastboot oem unlock
  • if you have the latest android phone run
fastboot flashing unlock
  • if any issue try both commands
  • done. your device was successfully unlocked.

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