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The Boys: 6 games for you who enjoyed the series

The Boys

the boys one of the most popular titles on Amazon Prime and inspired by the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, has gained a legion of fans over its three seasons, presenting a universe full of violence and mature themes in which superheroes are far from of being upright and just figures, showing the dark and corrupt side that a world filled with extraordinary powers could bring.

And while the game industry doesn’t get an adaptation inspired by the series, we’ve separated a list of six games that have some similarities so that series lovers can have fun with titles on the same theme. Check it out below:

The Boys

1. inFAMOUS trilogy

the franchise inFAMOUS is quite famous, featuring an open world and morality system that allows the decision to take on the mantle of the hero of the people, or embrace chaos and become an infamous villain.

Player choices are very important for the course of the story, affecting not only the perception that the NPCs have of the protagonist, but also providing different powers depending on the accumulated karma, with good deeds yielding abilities that allow you to move around the city better and disable enemies. , and evil deeds bringing more destructive attributes.

Composed of three games and two expansions, this series is a good choice for fans of the boys especially the third game – inFAMOUS Second Son – which takes place seven years after the events of its predecessor and brings a reality in which super-powered individuals are hunted as bioterrorists by a government organization.

2. Prototype

Set in a Manhattan overrun by a plague that turns humans into bizarre monsters, the prototype puts players in the role of Alex Mercer, who wakes up with no memories in a morgue, with his autopsy about to be performed.

After fleeing the scene, the man soon discovers that he has special powers, such as the ability to transform his body into lethal weapons and even consume other people and then impersonate them.

In a quest to remember his past and stop the plague, Mercer becomes a truly dark hero, fleeing the US military and using his abilities to destroy all those who stand in his way.

In addition to offering many agile ways of getting around in a brutal open world, the game’s plot is also very interesting, presenting a story full of conspiracies and mysteries. However, its biggest highlight is in Alex’s metamorphic abilities, guaranteeing lethal combat, in addition to extremely fun gameplay.

So who likes the boys and characters like Homelander, you’re sure to like what the prototype has to offer. And another interesting detail is that it has a sequel, which brings new powers and mechanics and also marks the return of Mercer, only this time, as the great antagonist.

3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Considered one of the most violent superhero games ever made, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a project of NetherReal Studiosdeveloper responsible for the iconic and bloody franchise Mortal Kombat.

With a very sinister vision of the DC Universe, its story presents a Superman completely freaked out and becoming the ruthless dictator of new world order after being tricked by the Joker into killing his beloved Lois Lane, who was pregnant.

Even following the fighting genre, injustice is full of history and plenty of references for comic book fans, and his sinister version of the Man of Steel could be a big draw for fans of comics. the boys.

And for those who love brawling with superpowers, it’s also worth checking out the sequel, injustice 2which improves on the mechanics of its predecessor, brings a greater focus on narrative, and still has a roster of more than 30 playable characters.

4. DC Universe Online

And still speaking of DC Universe we have one of the oldest free MMORPGs on the market, which offers players the chance to create their hero, or even a feared villain with incredible powers, fighting alongside famous names like Batman, Lex Luthor, Superman, among others.

DC Universe Online It’s been around for almost 11 years now, offering plenty of content and quests to spend a lot of time perfecting your character the way you want.

It may not be one of the best of its kind, but for anyone who wants the chance to enjoy a world like the boys filled with individuals with special abilities, could prove to be an interesting option.

5. The Darkness I and II

These two FPS games were based on a series of comics of the same name and revolve around Jackie Estacado, a member of the Franchetti mafia family, who on his 21st birthday, inherits the powers of a demonic being known as The Darkness. , going to use him in a bloody journey against those who tried to assassinate him and still end up with those responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

Although Jackie isn’t a superhero in the most traditional sense of the term, he’s not without superhuman abilities, and his quest for retribution for everything he’s had to face, coupled with the game’s dark and very violent style, fits perfectly. with various features of the world of the boys.

6. Saints Roll IV

The fourth game in the iconic franchise Saints Row it’s perhaps the most laid-back on this list, but it still packs a lot of chaotic energy to satisfy fans of the Amazon Prime show.

Following the style of over-the-top parody, we follow the main character becomes the great leader of the United States, ending up trapped five years later in a simulation of Steelport created by the alien empire Zin, who capture him after invading Earth.

With the help of other gang members who managed to escape the aliens and hack the system, the protagonist is given superpowers to try to rescue the other Saints, escape the simulation, defeat their captors and still cause trouble in style

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