Swiftle Game? Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle

Swiftle Game? Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle - December 8, 2022

Wordle is a hugely popular word-guessing game that helped to develop other games of guessing, and Swiftle is among the games. Swiftle can be described as a type of game based specifically on Taylor Swift and works like Wordle or Heardle. Therefore, if you’re an avid Taylor Swift fan or have had the pleasure of listening to her music it’s an excellent game for you.

In the fine line of the creator himself Swiftle was written by the creator himself Swiftle is a lovely celebration of Taylor Swift and inspired by Wordle & Heardle games. The game isn’t easy, as it comes with a myriad of opportunities and challenges, and it offers you the chance to show the extent of a Swift fan! In this article, we’ll go over the fundamental rules and how you can play with Wordle or Heardle style.

What is Swiftle Game?

The Swiftle game is like Heardle in that you need to figure out the song using only the smallest number of attempts. But, it includes a variety of twists that make the game more exciting by limiting the chances to only 6 attempts.

The game is described as an indie re-imagining of the first Heardle and is only available to Taylor Swift fans. The game’s developer, Sparsh Tyagi is an avid Taylor Swift fan and made the game after the game was impossible to locate a similar game. Below we will discuss the game’s gameplay Swiftle in detail and also go over some of the strategies used in gameplay.

How to Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle

There aren’t a lot of strict and precise rules to this game, because the primary goal is to figure out the game in a matter of six attempts. But, the game can be very challenging because it plays only an instant video for you to figure out the game. Here’s a quick walkthrough for the Taylor Swift Wordle or Heardle game:

To begin, you must launch the game on your browser on the internet. It is possible to use either your mobile or PC browser.

Swiftle Game? Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle - December 8, 2022

Play the game by clicking the play button. The song will play for 1 second. You must identify the song’s name. that the music is.

Swiftle Game? Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle - December 8, 2022

You can type in the title of the track, then hit enter. Be aware that the name must be capitalized and you must compose the name in a correct manner without spelling errors.

There are six songs to make up your mind about, and based on your accuracy you’ll get an overall score.

After you have played the game six times, you’ll be able to view your stats for the game and also see the number of winning streaks you enjoyed.

Swiftle Game? Play the Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle - December 8, 2022

Additionally, once you have played the game and you are done, you will have to be patient until the next day to take another game. This means you have only one chance to take part in the game and you have to choose between 6 songs. This is quite challenging however, it’s also fun.


We are now at the end of this article on How you can Play The Taylor Swift Wordle/Heardle. It is important to note that the game was created by a single developer therefore, there is a chance that it could be unresponsive on your computer. In this case, you could try restarting the game to test if it works. The game is fascinating, it can be viewed as the final test for Taylor Swift fans.

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