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SP Flash Tool: Tutorial and basic user guide

SP Flash Tool: Tutorial and basic user guide - December 8, 2022

SP Flash Tool – Have you ever thought about installing a custom operating system on your Android phone? Do you want to root it? Maybe you have been out of luck and your smartphone has suffered a software failure or has been the victim of fatal malware? For all, we have SP Flash Tool.

What is SP Flash Tool?

If you have a Chinese mobile, you will surely have never heard of this application. SP Flash Tool is a program for Windows and Linux that can be used to flash any Android phone or tablet equipped with a Mediatek SoC.

In short, it is the tool that we should use if we have a mobile with an MTxxxx processor. With SP Flash Tool we can read, write or delete any of its partitions, simply by connecting the device to a PC via USB (Windows 10, Windows XP, Linux).

In this way, we can install a new ROM, a custom recovery, reinstall or fix any errors, update the firmware of the device, etc.

Prerequisites: Things to consider before you start blinking

In order to use the SP Flash Tool, we need to perform some previous actions so that the application works correctly and prevents the loss of information in case things do not go as expected:

Basic usage tutorial for SP Flash Tool

Once we have the drivers correctly installed and all data safe, we can start “getting our hands on” the flashing program.

Tools and utilities

SP Flash Tool is a fairly intuitive tool. The application is divided into 5 tabs, each with a very specific and defined purpose.

  • Welcome: This is the welcome card. Here we will find information on how the application works and on each of its sections. Very interesting if this is the first time we launch the program and we want to get some more information.
  • Format: From here we can format the NAND flash memory of the smartphone. It allows you to make an automatic (including or excluding the bootloader) or manual format.
  • Download: This is the most used card. From here we can flash the different partitions of our Android phone to install ROMs, restores, etc.
  • Re-read: In this tab, we can read certain blocks and regions of the phone’s memory.
  • Memory test: Function that allows us to test the device RAM and NAND flash memory.

For more detailed and developed information on each tab, nothing better than taking a long look at the application’s “ welcome ” tab.

For most users, the juiciest section is “Downloads”. The place from which we will perform the most powerful action of all: the flashing of the terminal.

How to flash a terminal from the “Download” tab

When we talk about flashing, we intend to overwrite one or more modules of the device with new modules previously selected by us.

For practical purposes, this can mean anything from replacing the recovery (with a custom one) to installing a completely new operating system image.

The “Download” tab, the place we flash from, has the following options:

SP Flash Tool "Download" tab

  • Discharge: This is the button that activates the flashing process. We will only press it when we have configured the rest of the sections.
  • Download Agent: The download agent is in charge of detecting the flash memory of the terminal and downloading the selected image to the device. By default, it usually comes preloaded with the bin agent. Unless we have problems, there is no need to change them.
  • Scatter Load File: The Scatter file is a text file that allows the application to know which Mediatek chip it is working with. For example, if our phone has an MT6757 processor, we will have to select the scatter MT6757_Android_scatter.txt.

Without the correct dispersion, SP Flash Tool does not know where in the phone memory starts booting, resetting, etc. Therefore, it goes without saying that this is a completely essential and necessary file.

This file does not come with the program, so we will have to look for a copy that fits our mobile or tablet On the Internet.

  • Loading images (IMG): If we have loaded the scatter correctly, we will see how the address table is loaded with the different modules of the terminal. If we want to replace any of these modules (or all of them), we will just have to click on the Corresponding ” Position ” cell and select the image we are going to overwrite.

For example, if we want to replace the serial reset of the device with a custom one, this is where we will have to specify its location. Usually, these are files in “.img” format.

Follow the correct order of actions so that everything runs smoothly

actions so that everything runs smoothly

In short, the steps to follow are:

  • Select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin agent.
  • Select the Scatter corresponding to our Mediatek chip.
  • Choose in “Position” of the address table all the modules that we want to flash.
  • Press the ” Download ” button.

Once the “ Download “ button, We will connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable. It is important that the phone is switched off and, if possible, with a charged battery. As soon as the PC recognizes the device, the flashing process will begin.

If everything went well, once the blinking stops, a window will appear with the message “ Download OK “.

Known bugs

The most common mistake when working with the SP Flash Tool is that the system does not recognize the phone. This is because we have not installed the drivers correctly. In my experience, I recommend that you review this point very well, as it is the one that usually gives you the most problems.

A good way to fix any driver issues is to install the USBDeview application (download a bit below). A free tool with which we can see all the drivers installed on a PC and uninstall them one by one easily. If this fails, it is recommended that you uninstall all Mediatek drivers and reinstall them.

To identify the rest of the blinking errors, it is best to have a look at the list of known bugs, within the SP Flash Tool itself, in the “ Welcome -> FAQ “ section. Here we will find nearly a hundred typos with their solutions.

SP Flash Tool Error Codes And Solutions

Download SP Flash Tool

If you are interested in using SP Flash Tool, you can download the tool, as well as the USBDeview program from here.

In short, this is all we need to understand the basic operation of SP Flash Tool, the ultimate tool for flashing Android smartphones and tablets with Mediatek chips.


So, by now, you have been able to download Smart Phone Flash Tool and have learned how to use it to flash stock ROM on your MediaTek device. You can now use this knowledge to upgrade/downgrade your phone’s software, unlock your phone (in case it gets locked), and also unroot your phone and restore the stock firmware.

If you have any questions about the tool or its use, please feel free to contact us via the comments. Make sure you mention your device name/model as well as the firmware file you are using. This should give us a clear idea of ​​your situation and allow us to provide assistance much more efficiently.

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