Root Oukitel C31

Easily Root Oukitel C31

You can gain Supersu rights on an Android device by rooting the device. This implies that once you have rooted the phone, you have the ability to perform any system task using the sudo command.

The Mediatek helio A22 processor powers the Oukitel C31 smartphone, which runs on the Android 12 operating system. It is a smartphone that supports both Nano SIM cards and dual SIM cards, and its connectivity options include GPS, WIFI, hotspot, BlueTooth, and so on. The product ships with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage space, both of which are extendable using SD cards.


  • unlock the bootloader by following this guide
  • ROM2box and Required USB Driver: Download

Guide to Rooting Your Oukitel C31:

  1. Download and install the USBDK and Mediatek drivers on your computer.
  2. Download and extract the ROM2box file.
  3. Run ROM2Box.exe
  4. Tap the Mediatek/Firmware Reader button!
  5. mark “Full Firmware”
  6. Simply press the “START” button.
  7. After the procedure has begun, turn off the phone and then press the volume buttons together.
  8. up and down arrow keys and plug in the USB; immediately release the button after the phone is detected.
  9. key (make sure your phone stable in device manager)
  10. finished, it will take a quarter of an hour
  11. Now copy the boot.bin file from the ROM2box/out folder to your phone, and rename it to boot.img.
  12. Install the Magisk Manager on the Phone.
  13. Now modify boot.img by using Magisk, and then transfer it back to the PC.
  14. Open ROM2Box.exe To flash a single partition, navigate to Mediatek/Firmware Flasher/Flash Single Partition.
  15. Click Choose “Magisk Patched boot.img” from the file menu, then locate it.
  16. Now check the boot.img file.
  17. To begin, click the “START” button.
  18. Once the process has begun, turn the phone off and all at once press the volume up and down keys while inserting the USB cable. Once the phone has been detected, immediately release the keys, and check that the device manager shows that the phone is stable. Repeat these steps and flash the vbmeta.img.empty file from the ROM2box folder (in this time you have to click vbmeta.img)
  19. done.

Method 2 (with the help of fastboot):

You can also write patched boot.img using the fastboot technique. To do so, open ROM2box and navigate to the android/fastboot tab from the partition flasher.

Afterward, locate the patched file and select boot.img as the target. Simply connect your phone to the Fastboot Mod, then hit the “START” button, and you will be finished.

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