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ROM2Box V2.3 Full Free

ROM2Box V2.3 Full Free - December 8, 2022

By using ROM2Box, a smartphone repair program developed by ROMProvider.COM, you may fix a lot of smartphones for nothing and without any authentications. The utility supports cellphones from QCOM, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum. Numerous phones from Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realme are download-disabled.

Features of ROM2box

Features Status
MTK Auth Bypass Yes
MTK FRP bypass Yes
MTK Pattern userlock bypass yes
MTK Flash Single partition yes
MTK fill flash yes
MTK Read Full Firmware & Partitions Yes
MTK Prepare Firmware for SP tool extract using 7zip
MTK unlock/Relock bootloader yes
QCOM Read Firmware yes
QCOM flash firmware yes
QCOM bypass FRP Yes
QCOM bypassed the Mi account Yes
QCOM bypass pattern yes
MTK bypassed the Mi account Yes
QCOM Repair IMEI it can but is Not Included
MTK Repair IMEI it can but is Not Included
MTK SP Flash tool Yes
Driver Included No
Spreadtrum flash Yes
Spreadtrum Read No
Spreadtrum FRP No (in the next update)
Samsung FRP Yes
Samsung Flash Yes
Samsung Odin Yes
Download agent package Addition 4GB 1000+devices
XIAOMI QCOM 79+ smartphones
Vivo QCOM 25+ smartphones
Oppo QCOM 51+ smartphones
Xiaomi MTK ALL (excluding new)
VIVO MTK ALL (excluding new)
Oppo QCOM ALL (excluding new)
ADB Interface Yes
Facebook Interface Yes
bootloader unlock 3 Generic Method + MTK Method
fastboot to EDL 3 method
fastboot flash Yes
Scatter Flash MTK Client, SP Download (MI), and SP tool
Moto blank Flash Yes
bloatware remover universal script for oppo/Vivo/Samsung/Xiaomi
APK Installer Yes
fastboot flasher Yes
GSI Flasher system image (blank vbmeta included)
Pac Extractor Yes
Pac flasher upgrade download
free yes
Source code available for download


Known Problem:

Reader for QCOM firmware If you can’t dump a partition with a number like modemst1, you can manually read the partition instead.

Changes in V2.3:


  1. turn off defender
  2. Simple to carry, extract
  3. Run Install.bat to replace any outdated temp files.
  4. updates: Extract the update file to the Main directory, then replace everything.

Require USB Driver:

read MTK Firmware:


Read QCOM Firmware:



MI Account bypass:

QCOM FRP bypass:

QCOM Pattern bypass:

Vivo Pattern bypass:

Oppo Pattern bypass:

Huawei ID bypass:

unsupported QCOM devices Testing with No Auth Firehose:

MTK Disable Auth:

Mediatek unlocks the bootloader:

QCOM Disable Auth:

Flash QCOM Firmware:

Flash Mediatek Scatter Firmware:

Flash Scatter Firmware Via Fastboot:



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