Pixel 6 Pro LDAC 990kbps not working: how to fix

Pixel 6 Pro LDAC 990kbps

In this guide, we will show you various methods to fix LDAC 990kbps not working in Pixel 6 Pro. This audio encoding technology from Sony allows you to stream high-resolution audio over Bluetooth connections. Supporting bit rates up to 990kbps at 32bit / 96kHz are featured in various Sony headphones and earphones. However, as of now, it looks like it’s having a tough time with the latest Pixel flagships.

Several Pixel 6 / Pro users have expressed concern that LDAC 990kbps does not work with Sony headphones [such as WF100 XM4, XM3s, WH-1000XM4]. For some, the LDAC option is disabled, while others have reported that while they can play at 990kbps, it is fraught with stuttering and lags. If you are also in the same boat and get bothered by these problems, this guide will make you aware of some workarounds to correct this problem. Follow.

How to fix Pixel 6 Pro LDAC 990kbps not working

It is recommended that you try each of the workarounds mentioned below and then see which one indicates success for you. So, with that in mind, let’s get started.

FIX 1: Disable Connect to 2 Devices Simultaneously

  • Launch the Sony Headphones app and go to its System tab.
  • Then disable the “Connect to 2 devices at the same time” option.

Connect to 2 devices

  • Check if it fixes LDAC 990kbps not working in Pixel 6 Pro.

FIX 2: optimized for audio quality

  • Launch the Sony Headphones Connect app on your device.
  • Then select Optimized for Audio Quality (990kbps / 909kbps).
  • Then go to the Audio tab and select “Prioritize sound quality”.

Optimized for Audio Quality

  • Next, go to Bluetooth settings Audio device connection settings.
  • Now go to Wireless Playback Quality and select LDAC.
  • Check if it fixes the problem with LDAC 990kbps not working in Pixel 6 Pro.

FIX 3: Disable A2DP Bluetooth hardware offload

  1. Go to Settings> About phone> Tap Build Number 7 times
  2. Then go back to Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options.
  3. Next, select Disable A2DP Bluetooth Hardware Download.
  4. Check if it fixes the problem with LDAC 990kbps not working in Pixel 6 Pro.

FIX 4: Google Play services downgrade

  1. Go to App Settings and select Google Play Services.
  2. Then tap on the overflow icon located at the top right.
  3. Next, select Uninstall updates OK in the confirmation dialog.
  4. Check if it fixes the problem with LDAC 990kbps not working in Pixel 6 Pro.

FIX 5: Reset Bluetooth settings

If none of the above-mentioned methods managed to spell out success, you should consider resetting the Bluetooth settings to the factory default state. However, be aware that this requires a reset of all network settings and will also erase saved Wi-Fi networks. So be sure to sync them with your Google account before proceeding.

  1. Go to Settings System Recovery Options.
  2. Then go to Reset WiFi, Mobile, and Bluetooth.
  3. Now tap Reset Settings and wait for the reset to complete.
  4. Once that was done, the underlying problem would be solved.

That’s all. These were the five different methods to fix 990kbps LDAC not working in Pixel 6 Pro. Let us know in the comments which one explained the success for you. Likewise, all your questions are welcome in the comment section below.

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