Peacock TV Stuck on Loading Screen Issue Fix

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The streaming platform of NBCUniversal Peacock has seen a surge of growth since its debut in July of 2020. While not as big as its competitors, the platform is tiled and is populated with popular shows from the network such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus as well as HBO Max.

But, Peacock offers a no-cost version with ads, in contrast to the other streaming services. There are some similarities to free streaming services such as Pluto TV, Tubi, and Roku Channels, however, there are many differentiators. However, for some, the Peacock TV is stuck on the loading screen and won’t function correctly because we are here. Through this tutorial, you will discover how to repair Peacock TV stuck on the loading screen.

How To Fix Peacock TV Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

While solving this Peacock TV stuck on loading screen issue isn’t a huge task, you only need to make a few changes. But, a lot of users aren’t experienced with these fixes, so we’ve helped them by making it simpler for users. Let’s start with the solutions:

Fix 1: Check The Server

It’s possible Peacock isn’t accessible in your area because it’s an online-only application. If you wish to watch films or TV shows that are exclusive to the northwest region, however, you are in the region of the southeast. Visit the down detector site to find out if any other users were experiencing the same.

Fix 2: Make Sure Internet Is Working

Streaming online videos requires super-fast internet. Therefore, Peacock TV requires access. It is it’s also feasible for the application to stop loading and get stuck at the loading screen in case your internet isn’t functioning well or has an issue with the bandwidth. You require a fast broadband connection to stream video.

In addition, you need to check the network to ensure that it’s functioning. Sometimes, internet access is not functioning despite the connection due to DNS configuration issues or an insufficient local internet account.

Fix 3: Restart Your TV

It is possible to turn off your smart TV in case the issue persists. Due to the number of applications running concurrently on smart TVs, applications such as Peacock TV rarely get enough resources to run. It shouldn’t be a problem running the application when you restart your television.

Fix 4: Rerun The App

The majority of the time it is due to an internal issue within the application. In the end, after restarting the app, all issues will be fixed immediately.

Fix 5: Sign-Out From All Other Devices

It’s not possible to sign in to multiple streaming apps simultaneously for all streaming applications. The same account you use for the Smart TV won’t work if you’re already signed in to other devices, like the Android tablet. Your Android Tablet must be logged out of your account before you can access streaming services on Your Smart TV.

Fix 6: Clear Cache Data of Peacock TV

Peacock application may also be stuck on the loading screen due to corrupted information or cache. It’s not an issue if you aren’t able to get to the settings menu. This is because the Peacock app’s cache is removed through the Settings menu. If you’d like to clear the cache, open the Peacock app, and then go into Storage and Clear Cache.

Fix 7: Update Peacock App

The Peacock TV developers constantly update their applications to ensure that the streaming services are available without interruption. Auto-updates for applications are, however, turned off by default on smart TVs. If you’re running an older version of Peacock TV, that’s not supported in the present, it’s likely to be that your device is running an earlier version of Peacock TV. It is possible to update the application through the app store on your smart TV.

Fix 8: Turn Off VPN

The app must connect to the internet to allow the app to function properly as we mentioned above. VPNs may also be prone to problems with server downtime since many users use them in conjunction with their internet services. In the meantime, if you’re using the VPN service, ensure to turn off the VPN.

Fix 9: Contact Peacock Officials

The other alternative is to reach out to Peacock TV officials and ask the questions they have about this matter. But, based on the circumstance they may be able to assist to get rid of this issue.

That’s how you solve the Peacock TV stuck on loading screen problem. I hope that you enjoy this article. If you have any ideas or questions for us please leave a comment below and let us know.

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