Last of Us Part gets trailer highlighting remake

Last of Us Part gets trailer highlighting remake - December 8, 2022

We are getting closer and closer to the launch of The Last of Us Part 1and Naughty Dog allowed the public to see a little more of what is in store for this title that will have versions for PC and PlayStation 5.

The video was released by Sony on the official PlayStation channel and is just over ten minutes (which we can consider a lot in the case of a trailer) and brings Shaun Escayg and Matthew Gallant (creative director and game director, respectively) highlighting the various new features present in the game.

Among the novelties found in this remake are some requests from fans, such as a permanent death model aimed at those who like to speedrun and new clothes for Joel and Ellie, in addition to improvements in AI and movement. It also features several accessibility options and, of course, visual improvements.

Check out the video in question below:

community in doubt

Even though Naughty Dog is treating The Last of Us Part 1 like a remake that was redone from scratch and not just a project to make money community, at least in part, does not seem to have bought into this idea very much.

On Sony’s official Twitter, for example, players are complaining about the lack of news, in addition to the fact that the producer has released an official and more extensive trailer just now after early sales had already started.

Another point raised by the community on the social network is that apparently, the game does not bring so many new features to the gameplay and that this disclosure happened only for the sake of recent leaks.

On YouTube, things are not much different. However, there one of the most commented points it’s been the price issue, considering that, in the United States, the game will be sold for US$ 70, the same amount charged for an unpublished title. Some even mentioned that they intend to acquire the game, but only when there is a promotion that reduces this amount to a more acceptable level.

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