Download QFIL Tool All Version Updated

Download QFIL Tool All Version Updated - December 8, 2022

QFIL Tool v2.0.3.5 is a small portable application for Windows Computer, which allows you to install or flash the stock firmware on Qualcomm Chipset-powered smartphones and tablets.

Here on this page, we have managed to share the official and tested version of the QFIL Flash Tool, i.e., QFIL Tool v2.0.3.5.

Download QFIL Tool v2.0.3.5

QFIL Tool allows you to flash the Stock firmware on smartphones, tablets, and FeaturePhone powered by Qualcomm Chipset. By using any of the Mirror Link, you can get the tool on your computer:

Tool Name: Qualcomm_Flash_Image_Loader_v2.0.3.5.zip
Alternative Name: Qualcomm Flash Image Loader v2.0.3.5

-Enable partition with the empty name in partition manager.

-Bugfix create VIP Digest.

-Adapt to the physical partition number for partition manager & download process
-Add “Open Log Folder” Menu
-Add GUID in partition manager
-Add a button to save partition info file in partition manager

-Bugfix on default working folder set to comport_0
-Bugfix on partition manager max sector range is 99999999
-Enable customization of physical partition range

-Bugfix for could not start a process of getting Flash Information.
-Optimize of MetaBuild parser.

-Add PCIe download support.
-Add a warning message for “One Time Provision”.
-Enable partition manager for spi-nor & NVMe

-Improvement GUI for skip Sahara Download.
-Bugfix on working folder issue.
-Bugfix on multi-port mapping issue.
-Enable erase feature for SPI-NOR flash.
-Add new storage support: NVMe.
-Remove QPM certification.

-Enable Skip Sahara Process Option in Engineer Mode.

-A bug fix on not picking programmer for SPF builds.

-Enable selection of bootable partition
-Add debug messages for MetaCli process

-Enable VIP Feature in Cmd Mode
-Check SPC for backup\restore QCN

-Add new argument “WORKPATH” to customize the working folder
-Updated to fh_loader version which has a fix for short file list.

-Ignore the Error reported from the EDL Switch command, and proceed with the detection of QDLoader port.
-Bug fix for crash on Unicode path.

-Bugfix: File names with 64 characters or higher causes failure in fh_loader read.
-New console command “getPartitionInfo” – Fetch PartitionInfo into a file _ PartitionsList.xml in the CWD.
-New console command “readSector” – Read Sector from LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength to the file mentioned by filePath.
-New console command “eraseSector” – Erase Sector LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength
-New console command “writeSector” – Write data from the file mentioned by filePath to the LUNIndex based on StartSector, SectorLength.

-Enable Backup/Restore for unsparsed Partitions on Android.
-Bugfix for the port is not picked automatically after switching to EDL.

-Add a version log
-QFIL Support for generating partitions json using metacli and passing it to fh_loader.
-Bail out for Duplicate entries in partition_files returned by metacli
-Bugfix for not setting bootable partition for a MetaBulid download

-Add the FLATMETA parameter in silent mode.
-Implementing a breakdown FFU feature.
-Add missing file names in the log for validation mode 2.
-Bugfix for unable to select the second port on the same physical address(APQ+MDM).
-Bug fix on failed to parsing a path that contains a macro.

-Fix a bug on failed to parsing file path start with “.\..\” in contents.

-Fix the preserve partition fails.

-Fix flat meta build without storage type
-Implement flat meta build for NAND
-Some GUI improvement on Startup & load Meta build
-Auto adapt to partition index for fsg on ufs projects
-Fix QFIL unhandled exception when calling with “-resetParam” argument but folder “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Qualcomm\QFIL” doesn’t exist.
-Bugfix on readback validation fail of some builds
-Bugfix of a log print delay

-Fixed UFS provision failure on Napali
-Fixed device programmer is missing when QFIL generates flat build.

-Support “flavor” and “storage” settings for download and flat Meta Build
-Support up to 200 files in rawprogram file
-Remove the 128 file limit

-Support UFS flash chips.

-Based on the merge module generated from QDART_QFIL.WIN.1.0-20000-QDART-19.

QFIL Tool Version Download Mirror
Mediafire Mega
v2.0.3.4 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.2.3 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.1.9 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.1.8 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.1.7 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.1.1 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.0.5 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.0.4 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.0.3 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.0.2 Mediafire Mega
v2.0.0.0 Mediafire Mega
v1.0.0.3 Mediafire Mega
v1.0.0.2 Mediafire Mega


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