Android Stock ROM

What are Stock ROM and Custom ROM for Android?

ROM stands for reading Only Memory. A ROM is a software, operating system file, or records located in the Read Only Memory portion of the hardware on an Android smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of Stock ROM on Android

Keep the warranty. Stock ROMs would not void your warranty of Android devices.

Pre-installed apps. Android devices with a stock ROM usually have a suite of apps on their initial installation. These apps can sometimes be appealing features of a device that ideally will create a good initial impression, including a music player, live wallpaper, app store, calendar, weather, camera, and others.

Premium Features. The Stock ROMs which come standard with devices often come loaded with a small number of additional premium features. They include special home screens, fonts, app drawer, games, home screen widgets, and more. Devices developed by different manufacturers have different standard items, such as home screens and fonts, which varies.

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